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Plans and Pricing

*No hidden costs. No surprise fees. Rolling monthly contract. Cancel anytime (only give us one  month notice).

Premium Health Plan

  • Trusted veterinary support and advice provided through Collar app.

  • Monthly health assessment and weight checks with full report.

  • Annual booster vaccinations.

  • Monthly flea, tick and worm control, including lungworm.

  • Quarterly tapeworm products.

  • Pamper package: nail clipping, ear cleaning and anal gland expression when needed.

  • Microchip placement and registration if needed and regular checking to make sure it's working.

  • Loads of cuddles from your vet every month with building positive relationships.

£40 per month. 
20% off for any extra dogs. 

Basic Health Plan

  • Subscription through Collar app.
  • Twice yearly veterinary health assessment with report in a familiar and positive environment for your dog.
  • Annual booster vaccinations including kennel cough.
  • Monthly flea, tick, mite and worm control, including lungworm.
  • Quarterly tapeworm products.

£25 per month. 

Note: After we see your dog, you will receive a doggy bag with six months full of parasite control - either from your daycare or by post. 
We will always adjust examination months based on your former treatments. 
Please also see
 FAQ and Tearms & Conditions below.

Pricing and Plans
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