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Your dog’s proactive healthcare

Proactive healthcare

With regular health and weight checks, we identify concerns at an early stage, allowing for their best possible outcome. Should a concern be found, we will contact you to discuss it. We then send a detailed written report and recommendation to your primary veterinary practitioner and/or London veterinary specialist.


As much as we wish, our dogs cannot talk to us. They cannot say their hips are hurting a little, their eyesight isn’t what it used to be, or they’re bothered by a new lump or bump. Vet in the City takes a holistic approach to your dog’s health and wellness. In the company of their pooch pals and friendly human family, each assessment is as stress-free as possible. In fact, examining a relaxed dog in a familiar environment gives a much more accurate picture of their well-being than can often be achieved in the clinic. Each health check will assess your dog’s - Behaviour - Gait and movement - Weight and body condition - Hydration status - Temperature - Heart and lung rate, sounds and pulses - Peripheral lymph nodes - Eyes and vision, ears and canals - Skin and coat condition. This includes a flea and tick check and thorough investigation for any lumps, bumps or changes. - Teeth and Gums - Abdominal palpation. This means gently feeling the tummy and inside organs. - Regular microchip checks - Nail clipping, ear cleaning and anal gland expression when needed.

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Your dog’s preventative medicine

Preventtive medicine
Regular treatment using veterinary strength prescription-only medicines eliminates the risk of infection and disease. You no longer need to remember when it is time for an annual booster or struggle to give your dog a worming tablet.
We do that for you!

Preventative care supports a happy and long life. We administer your dog’s annual vaccinations and provide year round protection against parasites. Vaccination No one wants their dog to catch an infectious disease, and vaccination is one of the ways that we can help protect them. Annual boosters are necessary against some diseases. But not all. Vet in the City will administer only those vaccines needed to maintain protection. We use vaccines that are licensed to provide three years protection against Parvovirus, Canine Hepatitis and Distemper. Leptospirosis requires a yearly vaccination. Vet in the City provides the improved vaccine that offers protection against all four strains of the disease. This is especially important for dogs who travel. We also provide yearly protection against Kennel Cough. Its name, unfortunately, is a misnomer, as it is transmitted when any dogs are in close contact (like in daycare, not just in kennels). It is spread by coughing, sneezing or nose to nose contact and the intranasal vaccine mirrors this natural route of infection. Click here for further reading on the vaccines we use and diseases we vaccinate your dog against. Parasite Control Your dog, their age and breed, alongside their home and daycare environment and travel plans are all considered. We created a comprahensive flea, tick, mite and worm control programme for every dog. Our products are carefully chosen so that the dogs not only get the best year round parasite contol, but they also recive products that are easy to administration. On a monthly basis dogs receive NexGard Spectra. This is a product in a form of a delicious beef-flavourd chewable tablet and we hardly get any dogs who would refuse the snack. It treats fleas, ticks, mites and roundworms and prevents lungworm. To give your dog the most comprehensive cover, we top this up with a quaterly use of a Droncit tablet that we usually hide inside a tasty snack. This tablet treats for tapeworms. External Parasites Itchy and irritating, fleas, ticks and mites pass from one animal to another. In the case of fleas, eggs are laid on the animal but can fall into the environment, for instance, into bedding or on the carpet. Often only 5% of a flea population are seen on a dog, and the troublesome remaining 95% can live in your home environment. Internal Parasites If your dog appears to be in good health, it’s easy to become complacent about deworming. Why go to the expense and hassle of trying to give them a tablets every month if they seem to be perfectly fine? The answer is simple. Tapeworm, roundworm, lungworm, hookworm and whipworm – they are all just as nasty as they sound. They can live off your dog for weeks or months without them showing noticeable symptoms. During that time they can be doing lasting damage to their respiratory, cardiovascular and digestive system as well as other internal organs. Sadly, in the case of Lungworm, they can even prove fatal. Some worms can also pass from pets to people, furthering the importance of control.  ​ Find further reading on parasites below:

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Peace of Mind

Complete transparency and trust. Throug the Collar app all your pups data is always secure and in one place. No more asking your vet for your pets veterinary information, the data belongs to you. 
Peace of mind

Easy communication is everything and we have an app to keep in touch. We belive it's important to know our dogs and their parents. In collaboration with Collar app, we created an inovative platform that allows us to build trust and develop close reletionships. We are able to send you photos updates of our meetups with your pups as they happen and have direct chat with you about any worries.  Furthermore, you can access all your dogs reports and data in one place. This creates an easy link between Vet in the City, the dogs parents and their local veterinary surgery. With ongoing support, small worries can be quickly put to rest.  If we ever feel the need to discuss a case in more in depth, we give you a call.

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